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Fri. - 9/3 - 11:00 PM

You'll want to check out this great film block!

Feature length film!
Tammy and the T-Rex (Gore Cut!)
82 mins - United States
Director: Stewart Raffill

An evil scientist implants the brain of Michael, a murdered high school student, into a Tyrannosaurus. He escapes, wreaks vengeance on his high school tormentors, and is reunited with his sweetheart Tammy.

Preceeded by the following short(s)

14 mins - United States
Director: Alex Montilla

'OverKill' is a film with a comedic take on a familiar setup: when too-woke-for-their-own-good college kids are terrorized by an unstoppable masked killer, the final girl must outsmart him to survive. Only in this movie, the killer literally cannot be stopped (or killed).

12 mins - Canada
Director: Paolo Mancini, Daniel Watchorn

Ridden with guilt after the untimely death of his wife from a rare blood disease, grief-stricken Getty turns his hobby shed into a bloody altar of worship and brutal sacrifice in his relentless search for Redemption. As he descends into madness, many will bleed...

BLOODSHED. It's where you bleed.